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Quality Controller QC

3000-5000 RMB/month

Minimum education:


Number of recruits:


Experience Requirements:


Work area:



Job Description:

Post qualifications:

1、Secondary education or above, machinery, mold and other professional priority.
2, factory work experience is preferred, can be trained.
3, skilled in the use of various types of measuring and inspection tools, with strong mechanical literacy;
4, can prepare quality inspection reports, quality reports, familiar with quality records filing;

Job duties:
1、According to the design drawings, test procedures required to independently complete the inspection of products;
2、Responsible for the company's raw materials, production process semi-finished products, purchased goods and finished product inspection of the inspection work;
3、Responsible for molding, assembly and other workshop parts quality inspection;
4、To deal with customer complaints or material quality abnormalities and the production of inspection class of various standard work.

Welfare treatment:
1. social security + full-time awards + holiday benefits
2. Company domestic travel
3: Other negotiable

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