Talent Recruitment
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Business follow up

3000-5000 RMB/month

Minimum education:


Number of recruits:


Experience Requirements:


Work area:


Job Description:

1, with good communication skills.
2、Sensitive to data, work seriously and carefully.
3、Receive customer calls, deal with the problems and feedback from customers in a timely manner, and give correct and satisfactory answers.
4、Ability to independently and accurately deal with customer orders, and do a good job of sales statistical reports.
5、Cooperate with the financial and warehouse to check the quantity of goods, payments and transportation of goods to and from customers in each region.
6、Office software proficiency.

Job responsibilities:
Responsible for the receipt of customer orders, delivery schedule follow-up, shipping arrangements and reconciliation and other market service affairs

Welfare benefits:
1. social security + full attendance award + holiday benefits
2. Company domestic travel
3: Other negotiable

When you contact me, please say you are in the big Foshan talent online, thank you!