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Burgoon Rotomolded Water Horses Help Traffic Protection Safer



Rotomolded water horse common styles are segregation pier water horse, two-hole water horse, three-hole water horse, fence water horse, anti-collision pier water horse, etc., mostly used for road separation, safety protection role. Our roto-molded water horse quality and price, loved by customers.

    We often see the appearance of red, yellow, blue and white rotomolded water horses at road junctions, highway toll booths, fences at construction sites, and stations, exhibitions, stadiums and other places where people gather. Maybe you only know him as a barrier, isolation fence, and do not know that he is called rotomolded water horse, with the following picture:


The common styles of rotomolded water horse are isolation pier water horse, two-hole water horse, three-hole water horse, fence water horse, anti-collision pier water horse, etc., which are mostly used for road separation and safety protection.
    We are a professional engaged in rotomolding equipment. Rotomolding mold design and manufacturing, rotomolding new product research and development and development of processing manufacturers, in the domestic rotomolding industry professionalism, but also undertake foreign business consulting. Our rotomolded water horse products, with many advantages, are loved by new and old customers.
    Our roto-molded water horse is made of 100% new imported PE plastic, not mixed with any back material, beautiful appearance, chic shape, bright colors, warning eye-catching, reflective effect; anti-aging, UV protection, the use of more than 2-3 years will not fade; new material production, toughness is better, more resistant to impact, recycling, long service life, compared to the return of the material produced by the blow molding of the water horse, the cost of its unit is lower! The weight of rotomolded water horse is more than one-third heavier than those blow molded water horse on the market, good quality; rotomolded water horse wall thickness is generally between 4-5mm, good impact resistance; rotomolded water horse service life of more than 3 years, there will be no deformation, breakage, leakage and other phenomena occur.
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