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Foshan rotomolding products processing factory

Modern rotomolding products processing plant is endless, but there is also malicious competition, so there will be a mixed situation, so that people have no way to identify which manufacturers are trustworthy. Foshan rotomolding products processing plant - Boguan, a professional rotomolding processing plant, has the following advantages:


Boguan ice machine liner / rotomolding lamp / rotomolding fuel tank professional rotomolding processing worthy of your choice

Foshan Nanhai Boguan Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a professional rotomolding products processing manufacturer, ice machine liner rotomolding processing, rotomolding lamp processing, rotomolding fuel tank processing are the company's more skilled business and hot products.


Advantages of rotomolded fuel tanks over traditional iron tanks

As a professional rotomolding processor, Nanhai Boguan has excellent rotomolding mold processing and molding technology, and also has its own insights in the rotomolding processing industry. In terms of rotomolded fuel tank, it is better than the traditional iron fuel tank.


Plastic transportation box production materials and classification

The production of plastic transportation box material is generally HDPE and PP. with PP as the raw material of the transport box, its compression resistance compared to the general will be better, it is more suitable for long-term storage of palletized food. PHDPE as raw material for the production of the transportation box is better low temperature resistance, more suitable for storage of frozen food. In addition, in the plastic transportation box material to add a variety of additives, can enrich its performance, such as anti-ultraviolet transport box, anti-static transport box. Hollow plate transportation box light weight, flexible design, low cost, however, the load-bearing nature of the relatively poor, generally used in conjunction with the plastic transport box to

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