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Advantages and disadvantages of rotational molding process and rotomolded products



Rotational molding process is very important in production life, rotational molding products are widely used in life. Foshan Nanhai Boguan Plastic Products Co., Ltd. to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of rotational molding process.



  Rotational molding, also known as rotational molding, is generally used for complex shapes and difficult products that cannot be molded by plastic processing molding methods, and is used to meet the multifaceted needs of today's rapidly evolving society.
    The advantages and disadvantages of the rotational molding process and rotational molding products are inextricably linked to the social application market, and the structure and size of the final product, the quality of the surface, the number of products produced, and the efficiency of the production are all directly influential factors.
    Advantages of rotomolding processing molding:
    1. Large degree of design freedom, can be used to produce a variety of complex structure of the hollow products
    2. The cost of rotomolding mold is very low, the production cycle is short, suitable for batch and multi-style production.
    3. Raw materials and colors can be switched at will, which is conducive to the production of multiple varieties.
    4. It can realize the batch scale production with small waste material, reduce waste and pollution.
    5. Can realize the molding of multi-layer products with foam layer.
    6. High-performance products with various graphics can be molded.
    7. Production of large and extra-large parts saves time and labor, and costs are low.
    8. Compared with blow molding, low difficulty, low cost and short cycle time.
    9. It is easy to mold products with marble and ripple texture rich surface appearance.
    Disadvantages of rotational molding process molding:
    1. Multiple energy sources are required in the molding process.
    2. Generally, it is difficult to mold products with flat surface and large area.
    3. The molding cycle is relatively long.
    4. The smoothness of the surface of the final product that is not in contact with the mold is poor.
    5. The largest amount of polyethylene molding shrinkage after cooling, dimensional stability is not good
    Rotational molding process in the history of the development of plastics processing technology is relatively young, the current overall scale is relatively small, but due to a variety of advantages, rotational molding processing industry has become an extremely dynamic branch of the plastics industry.